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EDDM Direct Mail Postcard Printing Services

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Increase leads and revenue with Direct Mail

Direct Mail is a powerful tool used alongside your Digital Strategy.

EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) allows you to 'blanket' any area by zip code and generate new leads!

Couple a strong design with an easy call to action that leads to your website, and experience the power of Direct Mail.


What is EDDM Direct Mail?

Save big money when you send a postcard to EVERY DOOR in your direct mail campaign. It's cheaper for the USPS to deliver because there is limited sorting, and EVERY DOOR gets one, as opposed to individually addressed postcards. The USPS passes this savings on to you, if you meet their requirements for size and quantity.


Find EDDM Zip Code Routes


Use our easy map tool to build your list with a few clicks! Choose the zip codes or neighborhoods you want to send to and we'll take it from there!



Postcard Design Automation


Use one of our templates, or let one of our designers create a custom look that fits your audience, and represents your brand. It's that easy!

Request EDDM Quote


Our easy to use tool will give you an instant quote on how much your Direct Mail project will cost, or you can request a custom quote.

What are EDDM requirements?

  • EDDM Sizes: postcard must not be irregular in size. We can help you choose from about 10 sizes that fits your goals.
  • Can only mail only to zip codes in USPS door to door routes (we can tell you if they are)
  • Mailing must be at least 200 pieces AND at least one complete carrier route (i.e. 200 that only covers 80% of (1) route would not qualify, nor would a mailing of 138 that covers an entire route)
  • Distribution is limited to 5,000 EDDM postcards per day