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Preparing Artwork For Plastic Cards

Special Artwork Considerations for Plastic Cards


When designing plastic cards, it is important to keep in mind that the frosted and clear plastic cards are transparent, so artwork on the front WILL SHOW up 'reversed' on the back. Also, keep in mind that all colors that are printed on clear cards or frosted cards will be transparent as well. Use special design consideration to compensate for this.

Things to know:

  • CLEAR cards are completely transparent
  • FROSTED cards are semi-transparent and cannot be seen through easily
  • OPAQUE cards are solid white and not transparent at all
Since there is no white ink in CMYK (4-color print process), frosted and clear plastic cards are transparent. You will notice that the WHITE AREA in clear cards and frosted cards HAVE NO INK and will show the transparent material it's printed on. 

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