Mounting & Engineering Instructions

Adhesive Banners, Posters, Window Clings:

  • Always pay attention to measurements. "Eye-balling" when hanging  can 'accentuate' even slight changes in height from one side to the other, especially on large pieces.
  • Clean and completely dry your surface before applying your product.
  • Start on one edge and smooth as you go to avoid any bubbling.

Large Banner Installation Tips:

  • For outdoor banners: Let the banner 'rest' fully extended in the sun for about an hour before hanging. This will help prevent it from stretching AFTER it is installed, and then 'sagging'
  • Depending on the material it will be installed on, using double sided to 'lightly secure' the banner first, will aid in the installation of a banner this size
  •  Make sure it is installed completely taut on all sides, the extra 3" bleed should give you plenty of room to secure it around the edges
  • If any hardware is needed to install it taut, you MUST use large Washers/Screws, to prevent the vinyl from ripping under the tension.  Do not use screws without washers, or staples, as this will most likely cause tearing.