Spot UV Instructions

When created in Adobe Photoshop-

  1. Create a SPOT UV CHANNEL named SPOT UV all in UPPER CASE
  2. Select areas (pixel selection) that need to be SPOT UV in new created channel.
  3. Set colors of SPOT UV to match the following call out:  c100 m0 y100 k0 (green).
  4. Set solidity to 100%.  Everything that is green will have the Spot UV.
  5. Flatten layers (if any).
  6. Save out as a DCS 2.0 file.  Uncheck color profile.
  7. Set encoding to Binary.  The created file will be an EPS file that can be uploaded.

When created in Adobe Illustrator.

  1. Create a Spot UV layer.
  2. Create a Spot color swatch no Process color swatch, named SPOT UV with the following call out:  c100 m0 y 100 k0 (green).
  3. Select areas that need to be SPOT UV.
  4. Open attributes window and set SPOT UV to overprint fill.
  5. Save out as .pdf and upload file.