Why Print Sushi?

Print Sushi:  Fresh Tools.  Raw Creativity.  Let's go to press.  

Print Sushi is all about combining Fresh Tools with Raw Creativity.  Our goal is to help our customers create highly memorable print collateral that will keep their customers coming back.  That's how we run our business too. PrintSushi is a funny name designed to help you remember the finest choice for all your printing needs. 

At PrintSushi, you'll find quality printing all rolled up in value pricing.  We are here to ensure that our customers are designing their print collateral professionally and promoting their business exceptionally, yet still budgeting wisely.

The Passion:

Paul Fleming started PrintSushi after more than 17 years of helping organizations be better at Communications. He has started several companies, and currently stays very involved in the Communications industry, often getting directly involved with customers to help their projects succeed.

Print Sushi is not just another company.  It's our passion and our expertise. We look forward to helping you inspire people with great printing.